Hello. I'm AizuddinSabtu.

Welcome to my digital playground

Design & Craft. Malaysian Style.

I’ve been juggling both design and front-end development since 2009 and have also picked up good knowledge of Responsive Web Sites to easily fits your mobile / gadgets, custom WordPress theming with PHP, and have a keen eye for usability / UX.

I love to create intuitive designs and can quickly flip the design comp into a working UI using the latest techniques with HTML / CSS / jQuery with standards. Having a good understanding of how design techniques are implemented on the web allows me to make quick and wise decisions and also allows me to think further into my designs. I am not only concerned with aesthetics but also have high respect for functionality, performance, and user flow from beginning to the end.

Overall, I love all things digital!

Sandalkoyak. Dean Potgieter.

I was born in November 1987 at Muar, Johor and spent my entire childhood and my teenage angst in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan. Later on I pursued my dream to become a web designer at Lim Kok Wing University, Cyberjaya. After going through ups & downs, I ended up living in Setia Alam with my wife and my lovely daughter.

Currently I'm working full time as a senior front-end developer at Gogo Media Agency Sdn. Bhd. since 2014. Cool team with very supportive colleagues.

Work Hard. Hit 'em Harder.

Whenever I'm not glued with my laptop, I've always love to spend my time with the drums. I've been involving with the local underground scene for about 10 years now. It's really hard to have a lot of hobbies at this age, especially when I got a daughter, it made it harder to do all of these commitments. But apart from all of that, drumming has been my passion I can't resist.